Reeses (visualette) wrote in plasticdolls,

(+) Designation: Reeses
(+) Age : 15
(+) Location: Ohio
(+)Eye color: Brown
(+)Hair color (Natural / Dyed): Dark Brown/ Black
(+)Height: 5'8


(+) What do you consider your best and worst
Best: Eyes
Worst: Legs

(+) Where would you go if you could visit anywhere in
the world and why?
Japan, Its a beautiful place and another word EGL

(+) Pick just one current political issue and give us
your thoughts. Anything current. Really.
Well the war in Iraq since its such a big issue. I beleive we shouldent be over there reforming their country, the US is being a little dictator to them which we stand against communist but we're acting like one.

(+) Put your interests from your UserInfo here:
angel sanctuary, angels, anime, art, bishonen, boa, bungie, chobits, colorbars, cosplay, crossfade, crossplay, ddr, demons, devil may cry, dir en grey, dnangel, drawing, dungeons & dragons, e-rotic, emery, evanescence, fable, fanfics, filter, final fantasy, foxs, furrys, g4, gackt, gamcube, gba, globe, halo, halo 2, hwoarang, ikasucon, ill will press, jrock, kingdom hearts, koda kumi, lacuna coil, last exile, legend of zelda, ling xiaoyu, link, linkin park, lulu, magna carta, malice mizer, mana, manga, master cheif, misia, music, namie amuro, nightwish, ohayocon, peacemaker, photography, pmk, ps2, quizilla, radiskull, rammstein, rinoa, rock music, rping, seifer, serial experiments lain, souji okita, soul calibur 2, soul calibur 3, square enix, squaresoft, talim, tare panda, tatu, tekken, utada hikaru, video games, x-japan, xbox, xbox live.

(+) 5 Favorite Bands: Malice Mizer, Nightwish, Cradle of Filth, Dir En Grey, Dresden Dolls

(+) Best concert you’ve been to: Dresden dolls

(+) Give us a good quote from your favorite movie:

(+) Religious Inclinations? I'm not religious

{A Chance to Sneak in More Pix}

(+) Have a significant other? Yes, but hes getting on my nerves.

(+) Animals? None

(+)Do you have any tattoo's? If so How many? None

(+)Do you have any Piercing's?If so How many? 6 left ear and my left eye brow

(+) Describe your favorite outfit.
Black button up shirt, Black pleated skirt, over the knee Black and grey stripped socks and knee high black boots. With my pretty black and white headband <3

(+) How did you find out about plasticdolls? myxdollxheart
(+) List one link showing that you Promoted plasticdolls Somewhere On Live Journal.

(+) Will you be an active member of This Community? Hell yes

~*Post at least Four Clear Pictures of yourself*~
Got a new comp and lost all my pics so I had to take more
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